Before Columbus first set foot on American soil just
few kilometers from here, this land belonged to a
small Native American tribe called Tains. Because
there were only a few of them ,they were able to
choose only the best lands for their settlement.

The name Matuana in the language of native Dominican habitants means lavish flower. This is also the name of the Polish-Dominican company, which I brought to life together with my friends.
MATUANA has bought land in Dominican Republic. The land is situated on a high mountain where Tain’s camp was situated. According to legend, this is the exact place from which native inhabitants observed the arrival of Columbus’ ships as they discovered America.
Our aim is to recreate an Indian village in the form of an ecological project in one of the last unspoilt natural areas of the world for anyone who would like to own, at a reasonable cost, a comfortable village house with a beautiful garden, their own bananas, oranges, papaya, palms and many more. All of this is situated high on a mountain with beautiful ocean views, accompanied with gentle sea breeze, and yet just a few minutes of walk from the Atlantic beach.
MATUANA is a result of my trip to the New World. This is not just an abstract idea; it is a direct result of my travelling endeavors. I built a yacht, sailed to Dominican Republic, and settled here. I have experienced everything with my own hands.

Greetings from a tropical country.

Grzegorz Tulisow


IS FOR ...

Anyone who has ever dreamed about possessing their own tropical Island. For active people who are not afraid to get tired and sweaty, and then later to rest comfortably on a hammock on the porch of their own home under palm trees.

Those, who instead of removing snow from their car to drive to the shop to buy imported lemons for their drinks, would prefer to open their window and pick one from their own ecological garden.

For all those who don’t want to spend their money on the just another commercial tourist complex, but instead would prefer to spend time in their own beautiful house, and exploring with a backpack.

For those who prefer to rest in nature and understand ecological needs of our mother Earth.

This project is also a solid financial investment. We offer land of great quality at prices far lower than other comparable investments in Caribbean. We can offer you more at a lower price, and with the very best taste.


TOWN LUPERON 19’ 54” N and 70’ 57” W

HEIGHT Approx. 250 m n.p.m.

Location: The coordinates of Luperon city are: 19’ 54” N i 70’ 57” W. Its height above sea level is 250 meters. It is located on a plateau at the top of the mountain which was the home to Tain village, and it also spreads down the north, west and south facing slopes.

Access. Airplane: it is best to fly to Puerto Plata or Santiago – approx. 70 km (50 mi) from Luperon. The distance to Santo Domingo and la Romana is a further 350km, and to Punta Cana a further 600km. We can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport if you arrive to Puerto Plata or Santiago.

Yacht: Luperon has a Marina and a harbor, convenient for access by sea.

Within a few kilometers there are 5 beaches, 2 small cities, and 3 marinas. Nearby semi-mountainous terrain can be explored by hiking, horse riding, or motorcycling, and a yacht affords beautiful views of the area.
40 km from MATUANA you can find La Isabela- ruins of the first city built in the New World by Columbus, manatees reserve and coral reefs. Further available trips include caves with Tain paintings, shipwrecks and many other interesting places. All in accompaniment of local music called merenge, pleasant sun and great local food.


The name “Matuana” in the language of native Dominican
habitants means “lavish flower”.

The mountain, where the MATUANA project is located, was previously chosen by Native Americans. The location on a plateau and the slopes of this mountain ensures great views over the ocean, mountains and meadows. There is a refreshing breeze on hot days which drives the mosquitoes away.  Insects, heat and the noise of civilization are bothersome at seafront, but not here. In addition, the earth is not as dry and barren as on the slopes and on the coastal strip. It is fertile and holds enough water for vegetation to thrive, and so it is possible to create wonderful gardens that stay beautiful all year round. This perfect location also guarantees silence, peace, security and independence.

MATUANA’s terrain is subject to a common administration that guarantees everybody self-sufficiency and access to goods and services on an equal level. We guarantee full ownership of the land situated within the project, subject only to the limitations specified by the administration.

The division into plots will be done in accordance with the natural lie of the land, rather than taking rigid geometrical shapes. It will reflect the shape of terrain, and access to the views, as well as respecting natural and historical values. Preliminary estimates suggest there will be about 80 plots, each of approximately 2000-5000 m2.

Each possession will be arranged according to traditional standards, in the form of a utility garden with its own palms, bananas, lemons, and oranges, and with a house in a rustic or colonial style surrounded by a traditional cactus hedge. Water, solar energy, internet, mobile network, and all necessary media will be provided.

The whole project will be surrounded by a fence, protected by security staff and kept in good condition by gardeners during absence of the owners.

MATUANA will also include an organic farm which will provide for the needs of the land owners in the village, by growing fruit and vegitables, breeding horses and cattle, and providing garaging and maintenance for cars and motorcycles and storage for other items. It will be situated at the foot of the mountain covered by MATUANA. It will also be the main access gate, administration office and a hotel for potential investors. It will be associated with the project through the owner, who is also the president of MATUANA. This will guarantee proper supervision of the farm and the village and with careful cooperation between the two.

Road standards leading to MATUANA will be kept in a condition that allows access by 4x4 cars, horses and bikes.

Houses will be an architectonic and cultural continuation of traditional Dominican settlements in a colonial or rustic style. Such houses can still be found in the suburbs. Built with a skeletal wooden structure, on a half stone, half concrete foundation with extensive porches and outside patios and roofs covered with reeds, palm leaves or sheet.

The initial concept of arrangement was completed in May 1, 2015. Construction of the first rustic house, inhabited by service staff is planned before end of 2015. The full development is expected to be finished within 6 years.



Car rental cost (for a Mitsubishi Montero) is 1400 peso/day.
Horse with a guide 1000 peso/day. If you can ride and you do not need a guide the price is 500 peso/day.
Chinese 125 motorcycle 600 peso/day.

Apartment 10 000 peso/month. If you require assistance to arrange this, just let us know.
Paraiso Hotel in centre of Luperon 800 peso/day or 18 USD/day.You can also find cheaper hotels. Note that some of them are combined with brothels. The biggest all-inclusive hotel in Luperon is currently under renovation.

Dinner at the local bazaar: 100 peso.
Local restaurant: 150 peso.
Tourist restaurant: 350 peso.

Fuel price is comparable to US regular gasoline prices

Priceless and for free
Sun, ocean, beaches, mountains and peace.



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